Enjoy Peace of Mind

Save on your
Energy Costs

Reduce your Energy Cost

Pay less for PHCN/NEPA and eliminate/reduce your costs on Diesel

Free Source of Eletricity

Solar Power converts free energy from the Sun to Electricity

Leverage Clean Energy

Using Solar Power reduces your dependence on harmful fossil fuels

How Solar Power Systems Work

Do you need financial support to get your Solar Power?

While the setup cost for Solar Power has significantly dropped over the past three decades. We understand that Solar Power costs are still quite high and prohibitive to many people.

To help our with this problem, we are collaborating with select financial institutions to provide financial support to our customers to enable easier access to Solar Power.

Contact us to find out how you can access our Pay Small Small service.


So many people have great things to say about their lives, after they installed a Solar Power System. Here are a few testimonials.

I have personally benefitted from having solar power in my home and office. 

Now I include Solar Power in all my projects, and my clients have been pleased with the result. They have tremendous savings in their electricity bills, and they are less reliant on Generators.

Segun Jones


Without a doubt the best investment I have made in recent times. Now I am not stressed about Diesel or if NEPA provides electricity.

I would recommend Solar Power to everyone.

Perrie Obetoh

Retired Banker

I Love This!

I have a 3.5KVA system.

I have forgotten darkness!

My Generator is full of dust! It feels lovely.

Kanayo Ejiofor

Product Manager